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Copper Wire scrap Wholesale

If you are looking to order Copper Wire Scrap of 99.99% purity from a Legit Copper Scrap Manufacturer then you are at the right place. We are distributors of Copper Wire Scrap for sale at wholesale prices. Large Trading Portal LTD can supply you with the best Quality Millberry Scrap at Cheap prices. We could supply copper scrap with high quality and competitive price.

1) Our copper scrap includes wires, tubes, and plates, etc.
2) The size is chips or other.
3) Copper content could meet customers need.

The internet had made it 100% possible to Order Copper Wire Scrap online For Sale at factory prices while sitting in your office and having a hot coffee.
Electrical, light industry, machinery, national defense industry.
Copper Scrap is industry an important source of raw materials, all kinds of can be recycled.
Recycling waste production with copper.

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