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Psychable Dispensary

has been in the business of mushrooms for many years.

Customers always ask about our mushroom store history- Our founder began hunting for wild mushrooms in California and Oregon then drying them for future use. Mr James our founder then began selling dried PENIS ENVY MUSHROOM on eBay in 1999.

After years of selling on eBay, our customers started to wonder if they could buy mushrooms of different types such as mushroom spores,Mushroom Capsules, Mushroom chocolate bars and other mushroom related items. This is why we decided to build a website and expand our product line.

We still receive very positive feedback from our customers who tell us that Psychable Dispensary is the place to buy edible mushroom online and get it shipped anywhere in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and EU. Buy edible mushroom online and many more types of premium quality Mushroom products. We will not compromise our quality or customer service for anything.

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