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Juice Plus+ is more than just the next best thing to fruit and vegetables: Juice Plus+ is the way to a new life in which you will feel better and more at ease with yourself. This lifestyle change has now been established for over 20 years. But the actual story of Juice Plus+ begins much earlier than this. Back in 1970, Jay Martin founded NSA (National Safety Associates) in Collierville, Tennessee (USA). This was a company that set about making people's lives safer and better by producing fire and smoke detectors. In the 1980s, the range was expanded to air and water filtration systems - a small step on the way to taking care of people's health.

In 1993, the foundations of the company as we know it today were laid down. This was the introduction of Juice Plus+. Since then, the Juice Plus+ Company has continued to develop and expand it's range of products.

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